Using only solar energy, the AquaPak can heat water to temperatures   beyond 65 degrees Celsius, a temperature that will kill all waterborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites).


  • AquaPak...designed to save lives:

  • AquaPak in use in Cambodia


  • AquaPak in use in the Tanzania



  • AquaPak in use in the Congo...

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  • AquaPak in use in the Mexico....


  •   Message from Fr. Xene Sanchez Alinsug in the Congo on Testimonials tab
  •   And also in Ecuador...

The Innovation Institute at Henry Ford (II-HF) proudly donated Aquapaks to the the World Health Student Organization (WHSO) of Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSU-SOM). When WHSO went on their medical mission trip to Ecuador in March of 2012, they documented the great impact the Innovation Institute's gift made on the people in the village of Agua Blanca. Thank you once more to II-HF!

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Poison In The Water: A World Water Crisis

children getting drinking waterThe World Health Organization estimates that over a billion people lack access to purified drinking water and the vast majority of these people are living in rural areas where the low population density and remote locations make it very difficult to install the traditional clean water solutions.

Over 5,000 children die every day from drinking contaminated water. Eighty percent of all illnesses in the developing world result from waterborne disease.

The greatest tragedy is that these deaths can be prevented. Solar water purification uses no fuel or energy resources and creates no pollution.

See Worldwide Water Statistics with reference to the total population of each country and the number of people affected without access to safe drinking water. Of the 221 countries listed, Solar Solutions has provided AquaPak'sR to 57 of those countries.